Nerdy Girl Falls for Jock

Genevieve Grace

Genny Montgomery gets a makeover the summer before her senior year of high school. She has to do something to change her nerdy girl image and enable her to get a date to prom.  Her mother died right before her twelfth birthday, so she seeks advice from her father’s assistant.  With her frizzy ponytail transformed into gorgeous curls, her birth control glasses replaced with contacts, and a new wardrobe that actually accentuates her tall, slim, model-like figure, she heads to her first day of school feeling pretty good about herself.

Genny encounters a young man in the hallway who is drop-dead gorgeous.  He follows her to the library and find out from her best friend, Molly St. Clair, that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  Genny doesn’t recognize him as Henry, a boy from elementary school, until he calls her GG.

Fun Fact:  I could not think of a name for a cafe in How to Capture Kate.  I ended up calling it Gigi’s Cafe.  Just wanted to see if anyone who read both books would notice.




The Family Feud

How to Capture Kate

Kate Collins never had the opportunity to meet her grandparents until her parents’ tragic deaths. She had overheard bits and pieces about the long-standing squabble between her mother and grandfather by eavesdropping on her parents.  This was her first spy-like skill as a child.

Julia Hollingsworth was engaged to Howard Kensington when she first met  her future husband, Travis Collins. She married Travis only a month after meeting him.  Julia never returned home and officially broke off her engagement with Howard.  With her father’s mindset, he would probably have had the marriage annulled anyway.  Edward was determined that she was going to marry his best friend, Richard’s son from pretty much the moment they were born.  Edward could never get over what he considered his daughter’s betrayal.  How dare she marry a man he didn’t approve of first?  Travis wed his daughter without seeking his permission, even thought he knew it would never have been granted.

Edward was determined not to take in a child sired from two parents who obviously had no respect for him or his old-fashioned ways.  As Kate is eavesdropping yet again, she hears her grandfather profess that he doesn’t want her living with him.  Her grandmother is tougher than she looks.  She doesn’t back down, and Kate is allowed to remain in the mansion.

I came up with the matchmaker part of my story from real life.  My mom’s best friend sought her assistance in fixing me up with a family member when I was almost sixteen.  I felt no chemistry with this young man, but he fell in love with me.  Shortly afterwards, sparks flew between me and my husband during the summer.  My mom and her friend continued to try to reconcile me with the relative.  My mom was told by her best friend that he carried my picture around for years.  I had been married for quite a while when his girlfriend called my mom and wanted to know why he was obsessed with me.


Hello World!

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Everyone keeps telling me to start a blog.  Well, here it is.  Genevieve Grace and How to Capture Kate are published and available on Kindle at  You can read the books, but I’d like for you to know the story behind the stories.  Delve into my mind and see what makes me tick.

I have been writing since I was a small child.  My first short story (better known as a book report) was about a serial killer.  I’m sure the teacher didn’t know what to think.  I had another teacher publish my poetry, even though I don’t consider myself particularly talented when it comes to being a poet.

I’m OCD.  Give me some M&M’s and watch it come out.  I sort them and eat them by colors.  I have to.

I’m a procrastinator.  I started four of my books over five years ago.  They’ve probably been finished for a year or two, but I have to make sure they’re perfect.  The OCD kicking in again.  Stay tuned for more . . . . .