Nerdy Girl Falls for Jock

Genevieve Grace

Genny Montgomery gets a makeover the summer before her senior year of high school. She has to do something to change her nerdy girl image and enable her to get a date to prom.  Her mother died right before her twelfth birthday, so she seeks advice from her father’s assistant.  With her frizzy ponytail transformed into gorgeous curls, her birth control glasses replaced with contacts, and a new wardrobe that actually accentuates her tall, slim, model-like figure, she heads to her first day of school feeling pretty good about herself.

Genny encounters a young man in the hallway who is drop-dead gorgeous.  He follows her to the library and find out from her best friend, Molly St. Clair, that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  Genny doesn’t recognize him as Henry, a boy from elementary school, until he calls her GG.

Fun Fact:  I could not think of a name for a cafe in How to Capture Kate.  I ended up calling it Gigi’s Cafe.  Just wanted to see if anyone who read both books would notice.




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