The Dreaded Stomach Flu

stomach virus(1)

Sorry I haven’t had an opportunity to share my thoughts for a while.  The circumstances were unavoidable.  I was calling my sudden illness “the plague.”  After viciously sweeping through my household and taking down the members of my family until we were reduced to weak, whining former shell of ourselves, I think “the plague” is an appropriate name for our condition.

Hank spends a day with Genny in the book “Genevieve Grace” when she suffers from the same sickness.  She believes her nausea is caused from being pregnant.  Hank soon figures out that her symptoms are more like the ones most of his football team and the coach had been complaining about.

Hank takes total care of Genny.  He had previously been neglecting the woman he loves. His busy schedule leaves little time for her.


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