Wants of the Heart

I am behind on everything today.  I have been serving as a counselor at a Youth Camp for the past week with no internet.  Back to the real world, and on a Monday to boot.

Just a quick post to let everyone know my historical romance novel Wants of the Heart is now available on Kindle.  My late uncle and several cousins are from Texas.  I have visited the state and loved it.  My family actually lives in a city that was located on the Chisholm Trail.  Cris Garrett, along with his father and his men, uses this trail to drive a herd of longhorn cattle from San Antonia upstate when they encounter a gang of rustlers.

I picked the town of Burleson, because it is closer to Red River Station and the Oklahoma border.  I couldn’t think of a better place than Texas for a handsome U.S. Marshal, Lee Reynolds, to ride into town and want to steal Josie Garrett away from her husband.  The Marshal actually shares a past with her.  He used to trade her kisses for shooting lessons.

Wants of the Heart (18)

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