Having a Bad Monday-Escape with Your Imagination

I have what I hope is good news for a Monday.  I have added a little bonus to the short story “Nathan’s Story” in the Undercover Romance Series on Kindle.   You now get some background on Special Agent Nathan Reed and also Leo Kensington.                                   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GG7RL52

Leo is the nearly the perfect man.  Most women wold fall at his feet.  He’s sexy and thoughtful.  The man oozes romance.  Kate is supposed to be so angry with Nathan that she’d never forgive him when Leo comes into her life.  Nathan is relentless in his pursuit to win back Kate’s affection.  There are so many plots and twists during the last few chapters of “How to Capture Kate” (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GDC1EC6), you’re left guessing who she ends up with until the very end.

My life wasn’t quite as complicated as Kate’s.  I met my darling husband in first grade of elementary school.  We didn’t start dating until we were teens, and people have often called us high school sweethearts.  After falling in love with my sweet, caring husband, I’ve never even looked at another man.  Okay, at least not in real life.  I do find a few actors to be extremely handsome, but I’d never leave my husband for one.

I actually picture these attractive actors in my head as my characters play out their scenes.  After befriending several other authors, I’ve found out this technique is rather common.  One friend readily admits her characters speak to her in her mind as she writes.

My son thinks Scarlett Johansson with long, light brown hair and blonde highlights is the perfect Kate Collins.  I must admit she looks good with any hair color.  I visualize Channing Tatum as super sexy Special Agent Nathan Reed.  No one is gorgeous enough for Clay Carlisle except Chris Hemsworth.  His brother, Liam, is my choice for Leo Kensington, who has male model appeal.

I don’t intend to overcast your perception of the leads in my story.  Imagine them being anyone you please.  Reading is such an enjoyable pastime.  We get to envision the scenes and the people in the books any way we choose.  Have fun with your imagination.  If your Monday isn’t going the way you’d like, escape in a book.  You won’t hurt my feelings if it just so happens to be one of mine.

cast of capture cate(1)


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