Kate the Great

Katherine (Kate) Hollingsworth-Collins is the first heroine I ever wrote about.  She had to be a secret agent due to my lifelong love of 007 and many other spy movies, such as Mission Impossible.  The Bond Girl always dies, except in Spectre.  I was shocked to see her still alive and well.

Kate doesn’t meet her demise in the trilogy.  I’m happy to say she is alive and well in 2034 in the 3rd and final installment.  Her children take center stage, and her daughter, Liz, causes just as much mayhem as she did.  Maybe more.

How to Capture Kate is currently reduced in price on Kindle for only 99 CENTS from August 31 to September 7!  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GDC1EC6

Be sure to read the first book while it’s on sale.  The sequel will be out soon, winter 2016-2017.  The third book will follow shortly thereafter, since it’s set mostly in the future.

Callie Weaver is the newest character in A Lethal Liaison (3rd installment), and the woman has quite a past.  She’s a farm girl who has her innocence stripped away at the age of 14.  She moves to New York four years later, and her life is changed by a man who has a past with Nathan Reed.  She encounters Kate in 2034, because her son is involved with Liz.  She has a different name, Abby Cavanaugh, and has changed her profession from an independent prostitute to a real estate agent.  (FYI:  My mom used to be a real estate agent and still holds a license.  I don’t have too go far for research on that subject.)

Liz has unearthed secrets about the family that prompt her to act out.  She puts not only her life, but the lives of others in danger in the process.

HTCC (3)



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