Genny and Karaoke

In my book, Genevieve Grace, Genny goes to a local club on karaoke night with Brad.  She remembers from an earlier conversation with her next door neighbor, who just so happens to be a murder mystery writer, that it was his birthday.  She has the patrons sing “Happy Birthday” along with her.

Genny returns to the same club with Jarrod, the detective investigating the murders taking place at Carolina Bay in the sequel, The Seaside Slayer.  She shares a past with him in the first book, but he was undercover and using an alias.  She is surprised when he shows up at her door with a badge.

My family used to have a reunion every year.  My cousin, Stubby, is a DJ and would bring his equipment for us to karaoke.  Most of my family members have excellent voices.  My most memorable performance about five or six years ago was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  My son provided the moonwalking.  My cousin, Joe, supposedly captured the performance on his phone and put it on You Tube.  Other family members say the footage exists, but I’ve never personally seen it.  My cousin, Ron, begged me to sing “Thriller” again the next year, but I’d already practiced Heart’s “Alone.”

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New Book Covers

I am so excited.  The original book covers for my historical romance novels were B-O-R-I-N-G.  Of my few friends that have already seen the new ones, they were described as “hot” and “sizzling.”  That’s more like it.

Josie Hamilton is a tomboy in Wants of the Heart, but she’s still gorgeous.  She has a sexy scene in the lake with Sheriff Lee Reynolds, which is depicted perfectly on the new cover.  The series is adequately named Lovin’ Lawmen.

Lexi Donovan, a feminine redheaded beauty, grabs attention from men wherever she goes in Hopelessly, Completely, MADLY in Love.  I really wasn’t joking when I commented that I was happy about the books in the background of this cover.  Lexi loves to read.

The books will have the special price of only 99 CENTS until the end of 2016.


I’m a Poet-Bet You Didn’t Know It

I’m excited for two reasons this week.  Number one, I have been chosen to do the next “Writer’s Rave Day” for the Facebook Group, Write of Passage.  This Wednesday, September 14, I get to share some fun facts about me and samples of my work.

Number two, my first attempts at writing poetry since high school have debuted on                                                                                   

My all new book, “My Life:  A Collection of Poetry” starts out with “Forgiveness,” which I have shared  below.  It happens to be one of my shorter works.

An unconditional love

warrants no resentment.

Overcome the anger

and free yourself.

Forget the transgression,

the unintended hurt.

Don’t look back.

Forgiveness heals the heart.

Copyright © 2016 by Khristina Atkinson