I’m a Poet-Bet You Didn’t Know It

I’m excited for two reasons this week.  Number one, I have been chosen to do the next “Writer’s Rave Day” for the Facebook Group, Write of Passage.  This Wednesday, September 14, I get to share some fun facts about me and samples of my work. https://www.facebook.com/groups/206465946378653

Number two, my first attempts at writing poetry since high school have debuted on Channillo.com.                                                                                             http://channillo.com/series/my-life-a-book-of-poetry

My all new book, “My Life:  A Collection of Poetry” starts out with “Forgiveness,” which I have shared  below.  It happens to be one of my shorter works.

An unconditional love

warrants no resentment.

Overcome the anger

and free yourself.

Forget the transgression,

the unintended hurt.

Don’t look back.

Forgiveness heals the heart.

Copyright © 2016 by Khristina Atkinson




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