Howard and Julia’s Story

I’m working on a backstory for Howard Kensington and Julia Hollingsworth.  How to Capture Kate starts out with the story of Kate’s parents, Travis and Julia.  When they meet, Julia is engaged to Howard.  You’ll learn enough to figure out she was never happy with him as her fiancé.

Julia’s father, Edward, isn’t pleased to learn about her marriage to Travis and never speaks to her again.  She embarrassed his family by not following through with her commitment to his best friend’s son.  How dare his daughter go against his wishes?

My readers don’t really know much about Howard’s life until he notices Kate looks almost exactly like her mother at his son’s birthday party.  I would say he is instantly obsessed with her.  He plays a vital role toward the end of the book.  His presence is even stronger in the sequel, Obsession of Mine.

I hope my readers enjoy going back in the past with my characters.  The backstories are FREE from time to time on Kindle.  Watch for the special offer.




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