Happy Birthday, Kate! Special Offer!

I’ve already admitted my enthusiasm for James Bond movies in a previous blog.  I also have a fascination with fast cars.  Kate Collins shares both passions.  She has a new love interest halfway through my sequel in Obsession of Mine.  He’s in the picture.    

Kate’s thirtieth birthday is today, October 11, 2016.  She receives a very special birthday present from Leo in the form of an Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster.  You may wonder what color.  Skyfall silver was the only option for her.  She names him J.B. after guess who.  The 007 music is now playing in my head.

Now my dream is to one-day sell enough of my books about Kate to be able to have one of my very own.  And to think, I used to want Leo’s Porsche from the first book, How to Capture Kate.  

Kate’s big day wouldn’t be complete without a special offer for my readers.  I’m lowering the price of the book How to Capture Kate to 99 CENTS until Halloween.


I’ve created an event for Kate Collins’ thirtieth birthday on my Facebook pages.  Be sure to check them out.




Oh, my youngest son said that a woman would not want a car like this for her birthday.  If you disagree, feel free to comment.  I’ll be sure to show him your feedback.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kate! Special Offer!

  1. Congratulations to Kate on her momentous occasion! I, too, am a *big fan* of JB (BTW: love that this is the car’s nickname). As such, I’d gladly accept the keys to an Aston Martin. And, as a woman who is proudly over forty…your son is mistaken.


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