A friend of mine, who just so happens to have twin daughters, thought that including the birth of twins in both of my upcoming books was a little strange.  The Seaside Slayer has a set of boy and girl fraternal twins that will be born on New Year’s Day.   A couple of weeks ago on November 10, an identical pair of little girls arrived in Obsession of Mine.

My fascination with twins goes way back.  I was on the journalism staff in elementary school and junior high.  At around the age of eleven, I wrote an article about twins.  My small town had 4 sets of fraternal and identical.  I grew up with twins as my best friends that most people couldn’t tell apart.  I had no problem knowing which one I was around.

There were supposed to be 2 sets of twins in my family.  My uncle’s brother didn’t survive birth.  My niece’s sibling was miscarried early in the pregnancy. 

I’ve read that 50% of all fraternal twins are male-female, 25% female-female, and 25% male-male. Fraternal twins can be conceived at different times and by different fathers.  I didn’t use this interesting fact in either of my books.  There’s always an opportunity in my future writing.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the kids are home this week for their school holiday break.  We’ve been decorating the tree a little in preparation for Christmas.  I know it may be a little early for some, but I like to get the boys picture taken for Christmas cards in front of the tree while they’re off this week.  Seems they never have enough time otherwise.  For 2016 they have Star Wars union suits to wear.  They come up with a crazy and different t-shirt or set of pajamas every year.

Thursday, I will be at my parents’ house for the yearly dysfunction feast.  Oh, so everyone doesn’t have those, huh.  My mom wants to eat for lunch.  Never could figure that one out.  She tells me noon, and then calls at 11:15 to 11:30 to urge me to come down immediately.  The turkey is always ready early for some reason.  My parents live in front of me now.  They used to live a whole quarter of a mile from me.

Last year for Thanksgiving, one of my favorite characters had a nice, relaxing few days in Punta Canta in my book, How to Capture Kate.  Kate Hollingsworth-Collins had been avoiding Nathan Reed, and went away on a mini vacation with Leo Kensington.  When she returned, Nathan insisted on having a little chat with her.  Meanwhile, her grandfather informed her that Howard Kensington would like to meet with her to discuss her charity work.  Why do I have a feeling that man is up to no good?  Maybe it’s the way he stared at her at his son’s party.  A chill runs up my back just thinking about him.  The man was once involved with her mother for heaven’s sake.

The sequel, Obsession of Mine will be available shortly after the holidays are over and is available for pre-order.

Here’s a picture of last year’s tree.  Hope you love my candy, cookie, and gingerbread theme.  Several of my ornaments actually had a warning label, “Not for Consumption.”


Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

I may have previously mentioned that a book report when I was around eleven or twelve years old just so happened to be about a serial killer.  The title was The Seattle Slayer.  The male hero, Brandon Kingsley, who was a police detective, saved Camille Fairbanks from a man who strangled his victims.  He stopped by his girlfriend’s apartment as she was being attacked.  I guess I had a flair for the dramatic at an early age.  I wonder what my teacher thought?

Flash forward many years ahead.  I’ve always wanted to delve into the mind of a serial killer and use my imagination as the driving force behind his or her idiosyncrasies.  I’ve fantasized about letting my readers in on every aspect of my character’s actions and behavior, from the classic calling card to micromanaging right along with them as they strive to bring justice against their offenders and restore order to the chaos in their life.

My newest book, The Seaside Slayer, is nearly finished.  The famous murder mystery writer, Bradley Kingston, has a name that sounds a little familiar if you refer back to my short story from elementary school.  There is a cocky detective to help infuse a little humor, so the seriousness of the subject matter isn’t overwhelming.

Now available for pre-order on Kindle at Amazon:


Number Nine

In the first installment of the Killer Attraction Series, Hank Moretti is the quarterback and star player for his high school team.  His jersey number is nine, even though this is never mentioned until the sequel. After he led his team to the championship, the number became lucky for him.  He had the very same number in college.

The murderer in The Seaside Slayer, is obsessed with the number nine.  Is this an unfortunate coincidence for poor Hank, or is he actually the cold-blooded killer?

I only have a few more chapter to write in the sequel.  I’m excited for my readers to follow the life of a serial killer.  Hank and Genny Moretti are the prime suspect and person of interest.  Detective Jarrod Breckenridge, who shares a past with Genny, doesn’t believe she’s guilty.  Are his feelings for her tainting his judgement?

On a personal note, I got to pick my favorite number two years ago for a jersey in honor of my niece’s shower, which happens to be one.  Sorry folks, I’m not the serial killer.  Coincidentally though, Genny’s daughter shares a name with this niece.  She is called by her middle name, so my brother gave me permission to use Alivia for my books.