Number Nine

In the first installment of the Killer Attraction Series, Hank Moretti is the quarterback and star player for his high school team.  His jersey number is nine, even though this is never mentioned until the sequel. After he led his team to the championship, the number became lucky for him.  He had the very same number in college.

The murderer in The Seaside Slayer, is obsessed with the number nine.  Is this an unfortunate coincidence for poor Hank, or is he actually the cold-blooded killer?

I only have a few more chapter to write in the sequel.  I’m excited for my readers to follow the life of a serial killer.  Hank and Genny Moretti are the prime suspect and person of interest.  Detective Jarrod Breckenridge, who shares a past with Genny, doesn’t believe she’s guilty.  Are his feelings for her tainting his judgement?

On a personal note, I got to pick my favorite number two years ago for a jersey in honor of my niece’s shower, which happens to be one.  Sorry folks, I’m not the serial killer.  Coincidentally though, Genny’s daughter shares a name with this niece.  She is called by her middle name, so my brother gave me permission to use Alivia for my books.



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