Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

I may have previously mentioned that a book report when I was around eleven or twelve years old just so happened to be about a serial killer.  The title was The Seattle Slayer.  The male hero, Brandon Kingsley, who was a police detective, saved Camille Fairbanks from a man who strangled his victims.  He stopped by his girlfriend’s apartment as she was being attacked.  I guess I had a flair for the dramatic at an early age.  I wonder what my teacher thought?

Flash forward many years ahead.  I’ve always wanted to delve into the mind of a serial killer and use my imagination as the driving force behind his or her idiosyncrasies.  I’ve fantasized about letting my readers in on every aspect of my character’s actions and behavior, from the classic calling card to micromanaging right along with them as they strive to bring justice against their offenders and restore order to the chaos in their life.

My newest book, The Seaside Slayer, is nearly finished.  The famous murder mystery writer, Bradley Kingston, has a name that sounds a little familiar if you refer back to my short story from elementary school.  There is a cocky detective to help infuse a little humor, so the seriousness of the subject matter isn’t overwhelming.

Now available for pre-order on Kindle at Amazon:



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