MTW-Serial Killers

Welcome to my second blog on Serial Killers for the Mystery Thriller Week Event, coming soon from February 12th through the 22nd in 2017.  The book is called Expired Listings by author D.M. Barr.  You may or may not be able to decipher from the title that the main character is a realtor.

I mentioned in a post back in August that my mom used to be a real estate agent.  I was discussing the future, third install of my Undercover Romance Series, which has a very successful real estate agent as a character.  She’s not a serial killer, but used to be an independent prostitute.  Don’t worry.  All of my books have a death, or more, so someone is bound to die.

The word “bound” ties right in with D.M.’s description of her book “a psychological thriller with satiric, romantic and erotic elements (not erotica by any means).”  Dana Black, who may or may not be the murderer in this tale, has a sadistic lover appropriately named Dare.  He offers her sexual satisfaction through S & M and fear play.  Aidan Cummings, the detective on the case, wants a deeper relationship, although vanilla in comparison to the kinky one involving BDSM.  Her involvement with him is ironically more dangerous in the emotional sense due to her fear of commitment.

D.M. is a realtor in real life.  The book is, in part, a send-up of the real estate industry where shots are taken at buyers, sellers and agents. The serial killer is called the Realtor Retaliator, because he or she is only targeting real estate agents.  Unfortunately, because of their unethical business practices, every one in town has a motive to murder them.  There’s a difficult client who disappears.  I love the detective’s sarcastic remark about this situation. “Most people agree that killing off problem clients constitutes really bad customer service.”   An agent is tied to a hot water heater for a week.  Police may claim she died of dehydration, but rival agents agree she perished due to her overpriced listing, ensuring that no one would ever come to see the house and rescue her.

I’m adding the Kirkus Review, because of a reference anyone who’s ever watched Scooby Doo will surely recognize.  By the way, I’ve loved mysteries since I was a young child.  “A buoyant, commendable mystery that piles on red herrings with ferocity and glee…the spiraling final act, culminating with the killer’s staggering reveal, is an exhilarating ride.”

The book already sounds exiting, but to further tempt you, there is a special offer going on this week.  From today, December 16th through the 19th, you can read Expired Listings for only 99 cents. The Kindle Countdown Deal continues from the 20th-23rd for $1.99 before going back up to the original price.




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