Guest Author-Sheree Smith

Welcome to my featured author for Christmas week, Sheree Smith.  I’m already captivated with the title of her book, Darkest Obsessions.  The name, of course, reminds me of my upcoming sequel, Obsession of Mine.  There’s always tension and nail biting involved when using the word “obsession.”

Sheree and I became acquainted on social media, via Facebook and Twitter.  I invited her to Mystery Thriller Week.  I’ve already spotlighted two authors from the event last week and will resume with more after this holiday weekend.  Sheree felt her book didn’t fit into the Mystery or Thriller genre, describing it as Chick Lit/Romantic Suspense.  I admire that she remains true to her work.  My book, Wants of the Heart, includes a mystery that is only a small part of the story line, so I also chose not to submit it.

Sheree is from Northumberland, UK.  No wonder I feel a connection with her. My Atkinson descendants have been traced from England.  I’m often asked if I’m related to Rowan Atkinson.  I joke that he’s my uncle, but we may be distant cousins.  Who knows?  We both reside in the countryside with views of a National Park.  Sheree and I, not Rowan.

Her book is already on my “winter read” list.  Darkest Obsessions is set in the Scottish and Northumbrian Borders.  Sheree has even more in common with me–she’s always loved romance novels with a little action and suspense.    

Sadie Buchanan is a architect originally based in a small office in the City of London, along with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew.  She met him at university. The couple spent eighteen months together, before she realized he was quite possessive and ended their relationship that touched on mental abuse. Unfortunately, he then stalked her for the next five years, until he was put in jail after she suffered through the distressing ordeal of him holding her hostage in her own flat.  

Tom Ashton enters Sadie’s life when she moves to the fictional village of Pelancy where he resides.   He’s guilt-ridden over the sudden death of his wife when Sadie waltzes his life.  They’re drawn to each other after the trauma each of them has endured.  However, life doesn’t always go as planned.  When Sadies past comes back to haunt her in the form of her ex, the couple starts to reevaluate their connection.

Despite the title, Sheree didn’t want the story to be too “dark,” so she infused some humor into her writing.  In one of her scenes, Sadie accompanies Tom to a nearby farm to help birth a calf .  They both fall over in mud on their return and slip and slide around until Sadie lands on top of Tom.  They share their first real kiss in that moment.

I was curious about any of the characters being based on someone Sheree knew in real life.  She assured me they’re purely fictional.  She isn’t acquainted with a small town veterinarian, such as Tom, and doesn’t have any furry pets running around.  Like my oldest son, she keeps tropical fish in a 240 liter aquarium with various breeds inside.

Check out her book.  The first eleven chapters are available to sample on Amazon:





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