MTW Guest Author-Edwin Herbert

After visiting with family all weekend and eating far too much, I’m continuing my interviews for Mystery Thriller Week.  I really need less time on the computer and more time in the gym.  I can feel those New Year’s resolutions forming in my brain as I type.  I wonder if they’ll even last until February 12 when the big event kicks off.

My next few guests are from the Historical Mystery Thriller genre.  I asked Edwin Herbert if he considered his book to be a mystery or thriller.  His reply, “Though Mythos Christos contains elements of mystery, it is more in line with suspense/thriller.  As half of the novel takes place around the year 400 CE, it definitely falls into the historical fiction category as well.”  Sounds intriguing.

His book is really two tales in one.  Lex Thomasson, the main character in current times, is an American Rhodes Scholar—a student of Paleography at Oxford University.  He’s young , bookish, and, it turns out, a genius when it comes to solving riddles in ancient languages. In the past, his main protagonist is Hypatia of Alexandria, the architect of the treasure hunt Lex must work through.

The modern villain in his story is Basilio Regulus—chief archivist at the Vatican, and Grand Paladin of the Knights of Saint George, a secret brotherhood of assassins.  He is keenly intelligent, a martial arts expert, and a master of disguise.  The early fifth century villain is Archbishop Cyril of Alexandria—destroyer pagan temples, exiler of Jewish leaders, and the man who ordered the death of Hypatia.  He’s now known as Saint Cyril.

Mythos Christos covers a broad sweep of fascinating topics, mostly emerging from the puzzles Hypatia sets up for her truth seeker. These include gematria (the ancient Greek number-letter system), astrotheology, geometry, mythology, and the intriguing mathematical relationships between certain Greek gods, and even the Bible.

You can sample the first nine chapters of his fascinating tale of the two time periods on Amazon.





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