MTW Guest Author-Armaan Dhillon

My oldest son has chosen quite a few movies about Nazi Germany in the past for his turn on Family Fun Night.  I’d say he has a few things in common with today’s Mystery Thriller Week author, Armaan Dhillon.  He’s also read numerous books on Hitler and the Nazi regime, so I’ll be sure to recommend A Nazi War Criminal in India to him.  The book is about a Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, who was Adolf Eichmann’s henchman.  He fled from Syria and made his way to India where the main story starts.

Here’s an excerpt from Armaan’s Thriller to pique your interest:  I quickly went to his bedroom and found those so called gifts for me still inside the cupboard. I was scared by the fact that I have been gifted the pistol owned by a criminal.  This pistol was responsible for taking so many innocent lives. It took an enormous amount of strength to pick it up and throw it inside a plastic bag with its bullet’s.  I took the letter and cigarettes with me along with those half burned documents. They are going to back me up for the story I want to tell this world through our renowned film director, Ayush Mehra.  I closed the cupboard and locked his bedroom, just the way he always kept it. I cleaned all the small bits and pieces of the traces which could lead me into trouble for entering his apartment because it is now associated with a dark history and murder too.  So, I must not take any risk.  I left the window of his apartment open for just a small amount of air to pass. This I did thinking that there may be days of solitude in this home no one would be here.  Else, it would have started stinking after a few days. I looked around his apartment’s main door to see if anybody was roaming outside and within no time I managed to escape from here to my house leaving the door of his (this) house locked. 

Armaan will soon have a B.S. in Cinema, and plans to be a screenwriter when he’s finished with college.   His story in A Nazi War Criminal in India has a very tragic end to it.  His protagonist, Rohan, didn’t know who he was dealing with and later had to suffer the consequences.  “I want readers to know who they have been talking to lately.  Do they find him or her suspicious in anyways?  Do they feel they have started to change after meeting them?  Is their friendship with others being affected because of that one person they have been roaming around with for sometime now?  I want my readers to ask this question to themselves and check whether they have such type of suspicious person in their life or not and make sure from now on to whom to talk to and whom they should avoid.”

What inspired Armaan to write:

– Nazis have always fascinated me.  I strongly believe that whatever they did during their regime was wrong and I condemn it, but the way they controlled everyone–their uniforms, banners, salute, and their way of acting towards an issue was just unique and different which mesmerized me.  The movies that I have watched related to Nazis have always made me want to write something of my own.  Relating Nazis to India was a big task, but I worked on it for a very long time and came up with this story.  I do believe that i have done justice to the whole concept.

How he found his Co-Author:

– Finding a person who will write with me was the hardest part.  I could have written this book all by myself, but I knew i’ll miss out on something if i don’t take in another partner with me.  I had a good conversation about my idea with Akshay Gandharva, and now he is the co-author of this novel.  The idea of this book is different and something which has never been done, so doing the story justice was very important. 

Side Note:

–  This is my first novel.  I still am a college student, and I have year left to complete.  Eventually, I’m going to get into film direction.  Scripts are one of the most important aspects of film-making. Therefore, writing will always be a part of me.  I will be dealing with writing material from day to day, and also because i love it.  My other interests are socializing and keeping myself updated with my country’s politics. 

Readers can contact Armaan at:

You can sample the first two chapters of his book on Amazon:


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