2nd in Series-The Seaside Slayer

I have a fascination with the number one, and this was well before my sons told me that the time 11:11 was good luck.  I remember reading when I was much younger that “one” was my lucky number.  Maybe that stuck with me.  When my newest book The Seaside Slayer was completed on 1/11, I was thrilled.

How did I come up with the serial killer’s obsession with the numbers nine?  Well, I did one of those add up all the digits of your date of birth.  Then add together the two numbers you get as the sum, and that is your lucky number.   I believe you can guess what I came up with.

A lot of people die in my Killer Attraction Series sequel.  Only one of them stays in the story for a little while longer as a ghost.  I don’t personally believe in ghosts, even though I enjoy a good ghost story.  The ultimate romantic gesture would be to love someone so much that you can’t leave them.  I write fiction, so anything goes as long as I can make my story believable.


The Seaside Slayer -Channillo(2)


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