Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

I may have previously mentioned that a book report when I was around eleven or twelve years old just so happened to be about a serial killer.  The title was The Seattle Slayer.  The male hero, Brandon Kingsley, who was a police detective, saved Camille Fairbanks from a man who strangled his victims.  He stopped by his girlfriend’s apartment as she was being attacked.  I guess I had a flair for the dramatic at an early age.  I wonder what my teacher thought?

Flash forward many years ahead.  I’ve always wanted to delve into the mind of a serial killer and use my imagination as the driving force behind his or her idiosyncrasies.  I’ve fantasized about letting my readers in on every aspect of my character’s actions and behavior, from the classic calling card to micromanaging right along with them as they strive to bring justice against their offenders and restore order to the chaos in their life.

My newest book, The Seaside Slayer, is nearly finished.  The famous murder mystery writer, Bradley Kingston, has a name that sounds a little familiar if you refer back to my short story from elementary school.  There is a cocky detective to help infuse a little humor, so the seriousness of the subject matter isn’t overwhelming.

Now available for pre-order on Kindle at Amazon:


Number Nine

In the first installment of the Killer Attraction Series, Hank Moretti is the quarterback and star player for his high school team.  His jersey number is nine, even though this is never mentioned until the sequel. After he led his team to the championship, the number became lucky for him.  He had the very same number in college.

The murderer in The Seaside Slayer, is obsessed with the number nine.  Is this an unfortunate coincidence for poor Hank, or is he actually the cold-blooded killer?

I only have a few more chapter to write in the sequel.  I’m excited for my readers to follow the life of a serial killer.  Hank and Genny Moretti are the prime suspect and person of interest.  Detective Jarrod Breckenridge, who shares a past with Genny, doesn’t believe she’s guilty.  Are his feelings for her tainting his judgement?

On a personal note, I got to pick my favorite number two years ago for a jersey in honor of my niece’s shower, which happens to be one.  Sorry folks, I’m not the serial killer.  Coincidentally though, Genny’s daughter shares a name with this niece.  She is called by her middle name, so my brother gave me permission to use Alivia for my books.


Halloween Short Story

Last year marked the 13th anniversary of my cousin’s death and the birth of her grandson.  I’m reminded of the tragic way her life was taken each year on Halloween. Don’t get me wrong.  I love the holiday and enjoy seeing the kiddies all dressed up in various costumes.

I finally purged my recollection of the family and neighbor’s accounts, the story I heard first-hand from her fiance, and evidence presented in court into my first non-fiction short story.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course.


Nathan’s Tattoo

Nathan Reed had a very special gift for Kate Collins on her 30th birthday.  I’ve been working on a rendering of his tattoo since before I even started the sequel, “Obsession of Mine.”  I’m happy enough with the result to show my artwork off now.  I don’t claim to be an artist, but I love to try my hand at the creations in my imagination.

Nathan was unfaithful to Kate in the past.  To try to prove he’ll always be true, he placed a tattoo with her name across a banner on his lower abdomen region.  The wings are Kate’s favorite color, lilac.  She owns his heart.  The wings and halo represent his nickname for her, Angel.  He shows off the masterpiece on her birthday, because he’s determined to win her back.

Kate’s birthday is a disaster.  She’s exhausted when she crawls into her bed that night, but can’t help remembering the tattoo.  Nathan knows exactly how to get to her.

My husband doesn’t have any tattoos.  He swears he never will.  I think one of the most romantic gestures ever would be to have the woman you love’s name tattooed on a part of your body that no one else is ever supposed to see.


Happy Birthday, Kate! Special Offer!

I’ve already admitted my enthusiasm for James Bond movies in a previous blog.  I also have a fascination with fast cars.  Kate Collins shares both passions.  She has a new love interest halfway through my sequel in Obsession of Mine.  He’s in the picture.    

Kate’s thirtieth birthday is today, October 11, 2016.  She receives a very special birthday present from Leo in the form of an Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster.  You may wonder what color.  Skyfall silver was the only option for her.  She names him J.B. after guess who.  The 007 music is now playing in my head.

Now my dream is to one-day sell enough of my books about Kate to be able to have one of my very own.  And to think, I used to want Leo’s Porsche from the first book, How to Capture Kate.  

Kate’s big day wouldn’t be complete without a special offer for my readers.  I’m lowering the price of the book How to Capture Kate to 99 CENTS until Halloween.

I’ve created an event for Kate Collins’ thirtieth birthday on my Facebook pages.  Be sure to check them out.

Oh, my youngest son said that a woman would not want a car like this for her birthday.  If you disagree, feel free to comment.  I’ll be sure to show him your feedback.



I’m a Poet-Bet You Didn’t Know It

I’m excited for two reasons this week.  Number one, I have been chosen to do the next “Writer’s Rave Day” for the Facebook Group, Write of Passage.  This Wednesday, September 14, I get to share some fun facts about me and samples of my work.

Number two, my first attempts at writing poetry since high school have debuted on                                                                                   

My all new book, “My Life:  A Collection of Poetry” starts out with “Forgiveness,” which I have shared  below.  It happens to be one of my shorter works.

An unconditional love

warrants no resentment.

Overcome the anger

and free yourself.

Forget the transgression,

the unintended hurt.

Don’t look back.

Forgiveness heals the heart.

Copyright © 2016 by Khristina Atkinson



Having a Bad Monday-Escape with Your Imagination

I have what I hope is good news for a Monday.  I have added a little bonus to the short story “Nathan’s Story” in the Undercover Romance Series on Kindle.   You now get some background on Special Agent Nathan Reed and also Leo Kensington.                         

Leo is the nearly the perfect man.  Most women wold fall at his feet.  He’s sexy and thoughtful.  The man oozes romance.  Kate is supposed to be so angry with Nathan that she’d never forgive him when Leo comes into her life.  Nathan is relentless in his pursuit to win back Kate’s affection.  There are so many plots and twists during the last few chapters of “How to Capture Kate” (, you’re left guessing who she ends up with until the very end.

My life wasn’t quite as complicated as Kate’s.  I met my darling husband in first grade of elementary school.  We didn’t start dating until we were teens, and people have often called us high school sweethearts.  After falling in love with my sweet, caring husband, I’ve never even looked at another man.  Okay, at least not in real life.  I do find a few actors to be extremely handsome, but I’d never leave my husband for one.

I actually picture these attractive actors in my head as my characters play out their scenes.  After befriending several other authors, I’ve found out this technique is rather common.  One friend readily admits her characters speak to her in her mind as she writes.

My son thinks Scarlett Johansson with long, light brown hair and blonde highlights is the perfect Kate Collins.  I must admit she looks good with any hair color.  I visualize Channing Tatum as super sexy Special Agent Nathan Reed.  No one is gorgeous enough for Clay Carlisle except Chris Hemsworth.  His brother, Liam, is my choice for Leo Kensington, who has male model appeal.

I don’t intend to overcast your perception of the leads in my story.  Imagine them being anyone you please.  Reading is such an enjoyable pastime.  We get to envision the scenes and the people in the books any way we choose.  Have fun with your imagination.  If your Monday isn’t going the way you’d like, escape in a book.  You won’t hurt my feelings if it just so happens to be one of mine.

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